Vivan Tongsis Vgo-01 Monopod

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Tongsis + Tripod Vivan VGO-01 /Monopod Stand/Sport Camera/Mini


Feature: 1. Three main purposes: camera handle, swivel arm or tripod.

2. Multiple uses, for self-timer or as static tripod.

3. Foldable arm design, can easily self-timer without appearing bracket in the lens.

4. Using the folding arms and the base of the pole is similar to the handle, its proximity to the shooting scene or with the film-like POV

5. Remove the handle from the rotary arm, and used as a camcorder grip

6. Built-in detachable tripod in the handle

7. Lightweight mini tripod can be used alone, can also be used with handle

8. Waterproof structure can be used in water and in the water

9. When fully deployed up to 50cm, to 19cm when folded Package included: 1 x Vivan VGO-01 Monopod Stand Tripod for Sports Camera

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